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The Highway of Holiness:

It Exists,

It has an Entrance,

It requires Endurance,

It is Enjoyable,

It reaches on Eternally,

It has Exits,


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A duck I saw on yonder “pond,”

Of being a duck, I hope he’s fond;

Cause that’s what he was hatched to be.

He’ll be a duck o’er land o’er sea,

Until the day he dies.


One’s “born again” to be a saint,

Living for Christ has no complaint.

A Christian’s like Christ – thus he is born,

And tells it (like the duck with his horn)

Until the day he dies.

                – eab, 4/2/07

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Today is my Spiritual Birthday.  I’ve had to ask forgiveness for some things since this date  ~ April 26, 1956 ~  but it was truly the major turning point in my life. 

I was “Born Again” in the Pilgrim Holiness Church in Bremen, Ohio, on this date fifty-four years ago.  My pastor was J D (John Denver) Webb, Sr., a man ordained under Seth C. Reese.

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