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will have no


illegal residents.


– eab, 5/6/10




will have no


illegal residents.


– eab, 5/6/10


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Churches are different from classrooms,

With their schedules and posted dates,

Where learning is sectioned out,

In predictable, expected rates.


Learning in church is more passive,

Some come and go without notes,

Some seem to think the pastor’s main job

Is to warn about sowing wild oats.


A pastor is to spread the Word,

He is to prayerfully teach,

Instructing in thoughtful mouthfuls

Balancing in all he does preach.


Here is a principle, a thought

There is a line upon line.

Repletion is tied to learning,

The logic should be quite fine.


Preaching should be holy, anointed,

Emotion welcome, but not ruling.

Churches should include eternal facts,

A free, godly, Bible schooling.

                – eab, 5/8/07

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I have a Savior, He died for me
In cruel anguish on Calv’ry’s tree.
I do not merit such love divine,
Only God’s mercy makes Jesus mine.


Jesus, my Savior, I come to Thee
In full surrender Thine own to be.

I have a Keeper, He now prevails,
I fear no evil whate’er assails.
His arms enfold me, safe and secure,
In His blest keeping vict’ry is sure.

I have a Master, He bids me go
Rescue lost sinners from sin and woe.
I love to serve Him, this Master true,
Now I am willing His will to do.

Robert Harkness died this date, 5/8/1961, at London, England.

He was born 3/2/1880, at Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

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