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It’s as normal to believe


                in a Maker,


As to believe bread


                has had a Baker.  


– eab, 4/19/10

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Ma! Oh the happy ear received,

Mom, on the heart ever recorded,

Moma often thinks her efforts rigid,

Madre operates the home easily rewarded,

Mother occurs to help ease regularly,

Mother’s own touch: heaven’s earthly royalty.

                – eab, 5/72

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Have you ever felt the power
Of the Pentecostal fire
Burning up all carnal nature,
Cleansing out all base desire,
Going through and through your spirit,
Cleansing all its stain away?
Oh, I’m glad, so glad to tell you
It is for us all today.

It is for us all today,
If we trust and truly pray;
Consecrate to Christ your all,
And upon the Savior call;
Bless God, it is for us all today.

Jesus offers this blest cleansing
Unto all His children dear,
Fully, freely purifying,
Banishing all doubt and fear;
It will help you, O my brother,
When you sing and when you pray;
He is waiting now to give it,
It is for us all today.

Some have thought they could not have it
While they dwell on earth below,
But in this they were mistaken,
For the Bible tells us so;
And the Spirit now is with us,
He can keep us all the way;
Then by faith why not receive it?
It is for us all today.

You may now receive the Spirit
As a sanctifying flame,
If with all your heart you seek Him,
Having faith in Jesus’ name;
On the cross He bought this blessing,
He will never say us nay;
He is waiting now to give it,
Why not claim it, friend, today?

Leander Lycurgus (L. L.) Pickett died this date, 5/9/1928, at Middlesboro, KY.  He wrote – The Antichrist, and The Blessed Hope of His Glorious Appearing, and the song “It Is for Us All Today.” He married Ludie Carrington Day.  He was born 2/27(?)/1859, at Burns­ville (near Iuka) Mississippi.

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