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You have no control over


the preeminence of God in THE world.


You have a lot of control over


 the preeminence of God in YOUR world.       


– eab, 4/5/10

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To love when all of life

Lies down a ne’er ending trail,

Is simple and safe, without strife,

Happily, they lift the veil.


It is more adventurous, however

As seasoned travelers to wend,

The experience path together,

Starting love’s journey over again.


It takes a certain inward spark,

A daring and demanding devotion.

To face, this time not in the dark,

Married life and its commotion.


Anyone can do something initially,

Poorly, mediocre, or superb.

It’s different to repeat it successfully –

To marry IS an action verb.


Young love is a blossomy suit,

Sweet and magnifying.

Mature love is a ripened fruit,

Full and more satisfying.          

                – eab, Jun. ’77

[1] Written (upon request) for Mr.& Mrs. Samuel Heisler married 7/2/77 in Pennsylvania.

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“Walking in the light, or balking in the light?”

          – The above is a great question from a sermon of C. Ponder Frederick.

C. Ponder Frederick was born 6/3/1931, at West Blockton, Alabama. 

He and his nice wife Joyce had four children.  Frederick was on the board of, and later a professor at, Hobe Sound Bible College.  He was a Bible Methodist.  The late respected Stanley Kendall said of him, “A godlier man I never knew.”

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Been Gone!

Just returned from three week trip to Alaska.  Had a nice visit with the E. Andrew Bryan family.  The reason for a spring trip instead of a hunting-time trip?  Andrew’s oldest and our oldest granddaughter graduated from high school in May.  Got to visit with his family plus Keith, worked on his kids “club house,” and got to see more of Andrew’s adopted state including Anchorage (twice), Wasilla (twice), McGrath, Aniak, Holy Cross (from the air), St. Mary’s, Galena, Ruby (from the air), and a bird’s eye (as well as a bull moose’s eye) view of Fairbanks plus others.  Spoke in North Pole 5/16 (PM), 5/23 (AM) and in Fairbanks 5/31 (AM).  It was an interesting change of pace. The above word “trip” is more descriptive than vacation.  perhaps more detail later.      

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