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The blind man called and called out loud,

Nor would he be hushed by the crowd.

Jesus was passing by his way,

Going through town His final day.

Good sight beats being quietly proud.

                – eab, 7/4/06

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If men be good, governments cannot be bad.


He that lives to live forever, never fears dying.


Humility seeks not the last word not the first place.


– William Penn, Fruits of a Father’s Love (Philadelphia: Benjamin Johnson, 1792), 45.

 7/30 William Penn died 1718, Quaker, founded Pennsylvania where Quakers (& others) experienced religious liberty, (born 10/14/1644) wrote “No Cross, no Crown; a Discourse showing the Nature & Discipline of the Holy Cross of Christ” (1688) and England’s Greatest Interest…Parliament, Truth Exalted

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That “No Trespassing” sign


                at the edge of life –


Is that for God or 


                 for the devil?     

 – eab, 7/16/10

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The Savior had gone to His place of prayer;

A garden, cool, serene,

But Judas figured he’d find Him there,

Judas, with his trickery mean.

A kiss, Oh, the pathos of the shame,

The greedy, silver-lined kiss.

And crowds with their sticks came

To take the King of Bliss.

                – eab, 7/1/78

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On this date 7/27/1913 at Oxford, Pennsylvania, the 1st Victorious Life Conference came to a close. It was founded Robert Crawford McQuilkin (2/16/1886 – 7/15/1952) who later was president of Columbia Bible Institute (later College) and now called Columbia International University. McQuilkin’s interest and emphases was on attaining the spiritual freedom from the power of every known sin.

Robert C. McQuilkin’s desire is further reflected in the titles of at least three of his books “Victory in Christ,” “Joy and Victory,” and “The Baptism of the Spirit: Shall We Seek It?”

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Someday life as for years we have known it,

Will all be gone in the twinkling of an eye,

The seed will grow just where we’ve sown it,

(For as a tree falleth so shall it lie)

And as a man liveth be it good or evil,

As a man liveth, so shall he die.

                – eab, Jul.’74                                         

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Bill McChesney was born this date, 7/21/1936.  Bill was a Free Methodist, who trained at Great Commission School, Anderson, IN.  Later he was missionary serving in the Belgian Congo (modern Zaire) under Worldwide Evangelization Crusade.  Bill was martyred by the communists on 11/25/1964.

Bill McChesney developed a habit of reading the New Testament through once a month and the Old Testament through once a year.

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Never do anything I would not want to be doing the last hour of my life.


Nothing puts a man so far from the devil’s reach as humility.


Colonial clergyman Jonathan Edwards (age 23) married Sarah Pierpont (age 16) this date, 7/20/1726.  They were married over 30 years – married until his death in 1758.  (his wife only out-lived him six months, dying at only 48).

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You can FAST:


F              Food &/or Drink


A             Alluring news


S              Sex &/or Sleep


T             Things you love.

– eab, 7/13/10

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F              Forsaking an


A             Alluring


S             Substance


T             Temporarily

-eab, 7/10

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