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Believe and Receive –

Doubt and be left out!

– eab, 7/6/10

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The years have come to ninety and eight  *

That’s a lot of chronological “weight”

For your slimness to shoulder

Today Mom, you’re one year older.


Memories of youth I could not have known

But the wild world’s “oats” were not sown

God instead made you a lot bolder

Today Mom, you’re one year older.


Married you were to Clyde D., my dad

Children made your “mother heart” glad

(Though death now has some in its “folder.”)

Today Mom, you’re one year older.

                – eab, 7/6/2005 * (note – this was written five years ago – today she is 103!)

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Ruth Evelyn Colwell Bryan was born in Rutland, Ohio one hundred and three years ago.  That’s right – she is 103 years old – having been born July 6, 1907.  She makes her home with us. 

Martha served her a special breakfast this AM.  This afternoon we three traveled to Noblesville and she enjoyed a piece and a half of fish, french fries, some cole slaw, a hush puppy and a Mountain Dew at the Long John Silvers.  They – by the way – gave her, her Birthday Day dinner.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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