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The blind man called and called out loud,

Nor would he be hushed by the crowd.

Jesus was passing by his way,

Going through town His final day.

Good sight beats being quietly proud.

                – eab, 7/4/06

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If men be good, governments cannot be bad.


He that lives to live forever, never fears dying.


Humility seeks not the last word not the first place.


– William Penn, Fruits of a Father’s Love (Philadelphia: Benjamin Johnson, 1792), 45.

 7/30 William Penn died 1718, Quaker, founded Pennsylvania where Quakers (& others) experienced religious liberty, (born 10/14/1644) wrote “No Cross, no Crown; a Discourse showing the Nature & Discipline of the Holy Cross of Christ” (1688) and England’s Greatest Interest…Parliament, Truth Exalted

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