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Birds can look really awkward on the ground,

They look “mighty fine” in the sky.

                (Kind-of-makes you wish you could fly!)

At times Christians appear awkward on earth,

But they will look just fine “by-and-by.”

                (Look up saint – redemption draws nigh!)

                – 8/1/2006

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“The prospects are bright as the promises of God.”

Adoniram Judson was born this date, 8/9/1788 at Malden, Massachusetts.  

He was an early reader (age 3) and is said to have “mastered” Greek by age twelve.

In 1812 Judson and wife, Ann, went to India.  They were refused permission to enter so turned to Burma.  There he was imprisoned for seventeen months. Ann wore herself out trying to help him.

Judson died 4/12/1850.

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