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Is everyone going to heaven?

If not, how is God going to draw the line

a BOOK He wrote?   

-eab 1992

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How many times

Have you come to the Lord with a need;

Bending, and broken, and ready to bleed?

How many times

Has He been there,

When you sought Him in earnest prayer?

He lifts our spirits, and calms our seas,

He heals our hearts, and answers our pleas.  

                – eab, Aug. ‘75

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James Strong was born this date, 8/14/1822 in New York.  The author of Strong’s Concordance was a successful businessman (built and was the president of the Flushing railroad – later merged with others).

Dr. Strong (D.D. from Wesleyan University, 1856) spent twenty-five years on the faculty of Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, NJ.  An earnest Bible student, he taught in other institutions of higher learning and in addition to compiling his Concordance – upon which he spent the better part of thirty-five years he co-authored the Cyclopedia of Biblical Theology and Ecclesiastical Literature. He died at Round Lake, New York, 8/7/1894.

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