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We are too concerned about

                what some V. I. P. says.

Far too unconcerned about

                what the V.I.B. (Very Important Book) says.

                  – eab, 8/14/10

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Keep your words (and spaces) under

Some pre-assigned “magic” number

One hundred and forty seems short

But you can find words if you sort

To express kindness or thunder.

                – 8/27/09

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“God is always awaiting the chance to give us high days.  

We so seldom are in deep earnest about giving Him His chance.”

                        – Said to have been written in a letter from the Philippines in 1930.

Frank C. Laubach was born this date, 9/2/1884, at Benton, Pennsylvania.  He was a  Congregationalist who served as a missionary to the Philippines.  He developed his famous “each one teach one” method for obliterating literacy.  This method has been copied and adapted by mission boards around the world. He died in 1970.

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