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First?  Chicken or the egg?

Ordinary Day – the egg is 1st (breakfast), then chicken dinner. 🙂

Creation Day – the chicken was first. 

– eab, 9/30/10

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A one-world church will soon find form,

To thus join-in will seem the “norm,”

To help the displaced, the poor, the weak

Sounds good – till measured by the Meek. [1]

Such a church won’t stand earth’s final storm.

          – eab, 9/29/08        

[1] Jesus Christ

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9/30 is said to be the publishing date, 1452, for the  1st book ever published, Johann Guttenberg’s Holy Bible.

Some 180 of these were printed and over 45 are known to be in existence.  Of these 3 are considered to be perfect, one of which is in the Library of Congress.

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