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Dear Friends – If you know email/address/phone # of any of these please let me know. (1st state is their home state, 2nd is where I last heard of them living.(We’re 50 yr. graduates of God’s Bible School 1961-2011)

Wanda Geraldine Barnes (Raines), mate Buford Barnes, TN, TN

Kitty Sue Black, mate unknown, WV, ?

Mary Magdalene Blair, mate unknown, MO, ?

Judy L Chaffee, mate Dwight Luther, OH, PA

 Anna Marie Gauntt, mate Dale TRAVIS, NJ, FL

Beverly HAYES, mate unknown, KY, KY

Virginia Hutchings, David SMITH, MI, ?

Caroline Jessee (Jerry Lawson-dec.) Harold SCHMUL, MI, OK

Don JORDAN, mate unknown, OH, ?

Jerry KOSIER, Dottie ?, TN, TN

Deanna Arlene LEE, mate unknown, MI, ?

Lois Mae LOCKE, mate unknown, PA, ?

Priscilla  McCLURE, mate unknown, MD, ?

Elaine McDonnell, Billy WATTS, MI, IN

Carolyn E MITCHELL, mate unknown, KY, ?

Judith Neely, Keith SCHWANZ, OH, OH

Mildred Edna PAUL, mate unknown, OH, ?

Herbert PLANTS, Naomi Bye, NV, CA

Richard Leroy PROUTEY, mate unknown, NY, ?

Rachel Marie PULLIAM, mate unknown, NC, ?

Carol Edwina SAWYERS, mate unknown, OH, ?

Lois SCHALK, mate unknown, OH, ?

Paul SCHWANZ, Colleen ?, CA, OH

William Ray SCOTT, mate unknown, KY, ?

Karen Ann SHAFER, mate unknown, MI, ?

Lou Ella SHAHAN, mate unknown, IN, ?

James Henry STONE, (he is deceased but would like to contact wife or child, OH, OH

Dale Edward TRAVIS, Anna Gaunt, WV, ?

Jerry WARD, mate unknown, OH, ?

Lucille Marie Wilcox, Don COPE (deceased), OH, ?

Billie Jean WILLOUGHBY, mate unknown, KY, ?

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Bible is a map toward heaven using God-made

landmarks – mountains, rivers, deserts, meadows.


Theology is a map that may lead to heaven using

man-made signs (route numbers, interstates). 

If we miss a turn on an interstate we will have to go

miles out of our way. 


Watch out for theology and/or man’s ideas.     

  – eab, 2/1975

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To a dentist, wisdom is associated with a tooth.

To a theologian, wisdom is associated with Truth.

To the Salvation Army, wisdom is associated with Booth.

Friend, Seek God’s wisdom – don’t be uncouth.

                – eab, 10/26/09

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Desiderius Erasmus was born this date 10/26/1466.  He was Dutch scholar and editor who was the first “best-selling” author.  Of course, he had the advantage of writing after the invention of the movable-type for the printing press.  He produced a Greek New Testament which had a degree of influence on Tyndale (England) and Zwingli (Switzerland). 

He might be called a pseudo reformer, seeing some of what Luther saw but (so unlike Luther) being unwilling to leave the Roman Catholic system, seeking rather to reform through scholarship. He also penned a satire, Praise of Folly which was more popular, in his life, than his Greek New Testament. You may also see his birthday as the 27th or 28th.)

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