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Biggest challenge: 

Not outer space – it’s inner space. 

Not national crime – it’s home discipline

Not saving China – it’s saving our children.

– eab, 1991

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Children play at being older,

With clothing as a “prop.”

Some old folks try to look younger,

When they’re about “to drop.”


Be content, whate’er your age;

Don’t try to act another.

Maturity, if real, is good;

It doesn’t need a cover.

                – eab, 10/29/08

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“Those people who are not ruled by God, will be ruled by tyrants.”

 – said to be a Penn quote (source unknown to me.)

 William Penn on this date 10/29/1682 landed in what would become Pennsylvania.  He named this land after his father (to whom the king had owed a sizable amount).  William did not name the land after himself.

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