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Are You Separated?

Man and wife do not separate


Unless one or both are


separated from God.

– eab, 11/12/10

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Where have you been? 

Where have you learned?

Where have you grown?

Where have you reaped? 

Where have you started?

Where have you sown?   

                – eab, Nov. ‘73

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Saint’s attention is focused upward.

Sinner’s attention is focused downward.

We’re both looking the way we’re headed.

-eab, 11/10/10 

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“I can neither teach nor live by the faith of others.  I must live by my own faith as the Spirit of the Lord has taught me through His Word.”  Amen.

11/12 Menno Simons, 1556, a well-kown Dutch reformer is said to have written the above in a letter dated 11/12/1556.  He was born 1496(?) in Friesland and passed from this life 1/31/1561 at Holstein.

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