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God made man dominate.

Women cutting hair,

wearing men’s clothing,

seeking leadership

are consciously (or unconsciously) trying

to gain a degree of dominance.

-eab, 12/1/10

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If there’s a rough sinner you wish to see,

Far removed from you in eternity,

Be forewarned, they probably will not be.


For when he’s received from God what he ought,

And it comes to light, that you loved him not;

Both will be lost, whom Christ’s great blood had bought.

                – eab, 12/1/06

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On this date, 12/1/1764, the government of France took an official stand against the Jesuits (the “army” of the Roman Catholic system) by a royal decree which abolished them from France.  The next “bishop” of Rome suppressed the “Society of Jesus” a.k.a. Jesuits in 1767.  But a later head of the Roman Catholic system allowed it to legally resume action in 1814.

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