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Christ did not die



that we might sin less.



He died



that we might BE sinless.


– eab, 11/27/10

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How many camels?  How many slaves?  [1]

How many servants well paid?

How many tents? How many strong staves,

From rough sawn to the inlaid?


How many full moons?  How many nights?

How many miles of bright sands?

How many meals?  How many fire lights,

Across foreign-sounding lands?


How many rivers?  How many lakes?

How many wanderings ‘most lost?

How many rugs, how many it takes,

To hold off withering frost!


But on they came, those wise men of yore,

On through the hindrances mean,

On till they laid their whole stock and store,

By the King whose star they’d seen.


How long did it “take them” to worship?

How long to honor their King?

How long before with quivering lip,

They dared raise voices to sing?


How long before they quietly moved?

How long ere they left that day?

How long ere they noddingly approved?

To harness beast and . . . away?


How long did they think without a sound?

How long in reverend talk?

How much changed were they by the King found?

          – As long as their whole-life’s walk!

                                – eab, 12/2/06

[1] 2006 Bryan Christmas Card

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Some want to live within the sound
of church or chapel bell;
I want to run a rescue shop
within a yard of hell.

C. T. Studd was born this date, 12/2/1860 in England.  He was a missionary to China, pastored in India and served in both Sudan, and Belgian Congo (now called Democratic Republic of the Congo).  Charles Thomas Studd, one of England’s more famous cricket players, was converted to Jesus Christ and blessed the world with his mission vision. 

He and his wife Priscilla (Stewart) where blessed with four daughters (one of whom married Norman Grubb).  Studd died, 7/16/1931, in Belgian Congo.

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