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A false floor has something under it.


A false wall has something behind it.


What does false religion hide?  


– eab, 11/13/10

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Its symmetrical shape points toward the sky

Like no other.

And that could be one reason why,

We would rather,

Use it for our Christmas-time tree.

It points toward God, you see.



Its needles are always the same color

The year ’round.

Not affected by the changing weather.

It might be found,

That this would be good for you and me,

To be as changeless, as we could be.



It looks in March as it did in June.

Little age shows.

And its essence won’t be changing soon,

If no foes.

It’s an example to be seen free,

That gives us a glimpse of Eternity.             

                – eab, 12/65

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