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Poor bride (church)



marries Rich Son (Christ)



and lives happily ever after – literally!

– eab, 5/88

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I need to be a learner

In the great school of the Lord;

To be absent or miss class

Are “cuts” that I can’t afford.


What does He want to teach me?

What lesson I’ve not yet learned?

Oh, help me, Teacher, to see

The points over which YOU yearned.

                – eab, 2/13/07

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O Thou Who dwell’st on high,
’Mid burning seraphs bright,
Pavilioned in the azure sky,
Robed with celestial light:
Permit us to draw near,
And worship and adore;
Redeemed from sin and guilt and fear,
Thy blessing we implore.

Thou high and holy Lord,
Before Whom seraphs fall
With faces veiled and spirits awed,
And Thee thrice holy call:
We fall before Thy feet,
Unworthy to draw near,
E’en though before Thy mercy seat
Thou call’st us to appear.

Hear Thou the prayer we bring;
Regard Thy children’s need;
Accept the hymns of praise we sing,
And to our vows give heed.
We seek Thee in Thy Son,
Who died our souls to save—
The crucified but risen One,
Triumphant o’er the grave.

Through Him, our great High Priest
Before the heav’nly throne,
We seek redemption’s power and peace—
Peace to the world unknown;
Seeking, we find Thee near
To bless with every grace
And make us meet, when Thou appear,
To see Thee face to face.

Wilson Thomas Hogue died on this date, 2/13/1920 in Springfield, Illinois.  He was born 3/6/1852 at Lyndon, NY.  Hogue became a bi­shop in the Free Meth­od­ist Church and was the first pre­si­dent of Green­ville Coll­ege.  He authored at least nine songs, the above being one of them.

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