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Many are worried about

their child’s earth future,

and care nothing about

their eternal future.

– eab, 11/10/10

– eab, 11/10/10 

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Though I give my life at a faster pace, [1]


For Christian education,

Thus causing my wife to need additional grace.

For our financial situation,

Though I yearn for right in the books of youth,

Strong character building,

And spend night and day in proof of truth,

Pursuing, never yielding,

Though I write and read, preparing and teaching,

Properly being critical,

If I do not take heed to my own “preaching”

My life is hypocritical.          

                – eab, Mar. ’72                      

[1] Written after reflecting in the park behind our little Akron, Ohio home.

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Hide God’s Word in your heart,
Its precious truth believe;
At His command take from His hand,
The Bread of Life receive.

Hide God’s Word in your heart,
Hide God’s Word in your heart—
His Word of love sent from above,
Hide God’s Word in your heart.

2. Hide God’s Word in your heart,
If you would grow in grace,
And like Him be until you see
Your Master face to face.

3. Hide God’s Word in your heart,
And seek the Spirit’s pow’r
To understand each blest command
He gives from hour to hour.

4. Hide God’s Word in your heart,
And, having hidden well,
Seek out the lost, the tempest tossed,
Go forth His love to tell.

5. Hide God’s Word in your heart,
Each day a verse repeat;
Tho’ sin allure success is sure,
You cannot have defeat.

Robert Harkness was born this date, 3/2/1880, at Ben­di­go, Aus­tral­ia.  God allowed him to at­tend a re­viv­al where R. A. (Ru­ben Arch­er) Tor­rey and Charles M. Al­ex­and­er were ministering.  Hark­ness be­came the piano player for Al­ex­and­er and afterward was converted to Jesus Christ.  He said he was converted “on a bi­cy­cle,” then an important means of transportation.  Harkness made round-the-world-tours with Tor­rey and Al­ex­and­er.  He is said to have over 2,000 hymns/Gos­pel songs to his credit.  Harkness died 5/8/1961 at Lon­don, Eng­land.

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