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You can be “separate from the world”


and not holy (many a monk).

You can not be Holy (unto God) and

not be separate from the world.  

– eab, 3/7/11

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When you’re tired of contemporary, [1]

And modern has grown old.

When society has failed to do

For you, as it had told.

When you realize a Man

Over thirty is not “gone.” [2]

Turn to Christ, Who was before the world,

And still lives on!

                – eab, 3/72

[1] Stanza two of poem.

[2] Hippies were saying not to trust anybody over thirty. Christ was thirty.

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Alfred Edersheim was born this date, 3/7/1825, at Vienna, Austria. His parents were Jews of some means who spoke English in their home. He was able to enter the University of Vienna at sixteen.

Later he emigrated to neighboring Hungary where he taught languages and were, influenced by John Duncan he was converted to Jesus Christ. Edersheim was ordained a clergyman in the Free Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) in 1846 and in the same year married a lady named Mary Broomfield. There home was blessed with seven children.

Later yet he became affiliated with the Church of England. He was “Select Preacher” to Oxford University (1884-85) delivered the “Grinfield Lecturer on the Septuagint” (1886-1888 and 1888-1889).

Alfred Edersheim is remembered for his book Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah. He passed from this life 3/16/1889 at Menton, France.

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