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What would Jesus do? – Rather – What DID He do?

He healed, touched, fed, calmed, raised, condemned, cleared, and answered

He never struck, killed, cursed, or committed adultery.     

– eab, 4/21/09

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Seems some people are seeking to shun,

The awards their own age has won,

They try to dress like their daughter,

Vainly hoping to “be her sister,”

Or try to play like their grown son.


Age is an item which has no reverse,

You get “the part,” though you didn’t rehearse.

You can dab on a layer or two of paint,

Do exercises where you nearing faint,

No avail – birthdays get “worse and worse.”


God is sending us a reminder with age,

Let us learn to relish each passing stage.

You fool no one with paint, but you

(Relax – they’re getting older too! )

Getting older one-day-at-a-time is “the rage.”

                – eab, 3/4/09

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3/20 Harriet Beecher Stowe on this date 1852 (she was then 41) published Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  This antislavery novel became a classic and joined the thin ranks of very influencial books – probably in the top ten most effective books ever published (the Bible is the most influencial Book in the world).  Uncle Tom’s Cabin had been published as a series in an antislavery newspaper the year before. It is thought to have helped lead America into the uncivil war (1861-1865).

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