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Some people are known as Musicians.

Some are known as Politicians, etc.

Are you KNOWN as a follower of Christ?

– eab, 5/19/11

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Commencement – a beginning of service I trust.

Or will you be, the one to see

Material gain as a must?

Gain in realm of fame of name,

Or pounds of finest gold dust.

Will you be the one, to hinder the Son,

And sit or lie as time goes by

And millions are born and millions die,

And souls are seen, as birds, to fly,

While the church thinks of Me, Mine, and My.

Commencement – a beginning of what?

A beginning of service – I trust!                                         

                – eab, May ‘68

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Doing crime = criminal.

Doing work = worker.

Doing sin = __________?

– 5/19/11

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