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Monotonous to say.


Monotonous to write. 

Trade the “o” for “zeros” and it’s nearly worthless.

(Does any word exceed its number of “o”?)

– eab,  7/6/11

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Once they knew the joy,

Once they felt the thrill,

Of loving God with all the heart,

And resting in His will.

But another stole their joy,

(They thought they retained control)

Now good no longer satisfies,

And evil resides in their soul.

                – eab,8/17/09

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No man can become a saint in his sleep.
Henry Drummond  (Exact reference is unknown)


Strength of character may be learned at work, but

beauty of character is learned at home.
Henry Drummond  (Exact reference is unknown)


The people who influence you are the people who believe in you.
Henry Drummond  (Exact reference is unknown)


Henry Drummond was born this date 8/17/1851 at Stirling, Scotland.  He was a biologist and more than that a religious writer penning Natural Law in the Spiritual World.  Drummond died 3/11/1897.

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