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Answers for Eternity



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– eab, 8/20/11

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It’s not how many chapters I’ve read,

Nor how many prayers my lips have said,

That will God satisfy,

When my time comes to die.

We love God with heart, not head.

                – eab,8/22/09

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“Christ is the only right Heir of the Crown of England”


His last words were “welcome joy!”


John Eliot a Puritanmissionary” to the American Indians on this date,8/22/1670, founded a church for Indians atMartha’s Vineyard,Massachusetts, and became known as “the Indian apostle.”


Earlier he had published The Christian Commonwealth: or, The Civil Policy Of The Rising Kingdom of Jesus Christ.   This was the first book on politics penned by an American.  It also became the first book an American government had banned.


Eliot was born in 1604 at Widford, Hertfordshire, England, attended Jesus College, Cambridge, became assistant to Thomas Hooker at a school in Little Baddow, Essex.  Eliot emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts, arriving 11/3/1631.  He died 5/21/1690.

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