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W   Willingness to learn


I    Independence of thinking


S   Seeking the facts


D  Determination to know


O  Overview of area


Modify previous position.


 – eab,  6/25/09

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You’ve never seen such a sound ship.

Not one direction did Noah skip. *

Three hundred cubits long,

Three storied made it strong,

This first had no “christening slip.” **

Gen 6-8

– eab, 4/2/05     

* Noah, the first “skipper,” skipped nothing.  🙂

** Noah’s ark did not go to the water, the water came to it.

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From the Word of God light is shining brightly out
O’er life’s ocean, tempest driv’n,
Guiding past the rocks and the hidden shoals of doubt
To the blissfulport ofHeav’n.


            The old Book stands! O yes, it stands!
            Firm as a rock ’mid shifting sands!
            Billows may run high, tempests sweep the sky;
            Firmly the old Book stands!


2. All its promises are more precious, far, than gold,
Or than pearls from deepest sea;
“Whosoever will” is the truth it doth unfold,
Precious truth for you and me.


3. In this precious Book is the dear old story told,
Of the Savior and His love;
And with joy we read of the streets of purest gold,
The Jerusalem above.


4. Precious Book of life, let us treasure each command,
Heeding every precept giv’n,
Till the strife is o’er and victorious we stand
With the blood washed throng in Heav’n.



John Henry Yates died this date 9/5/1900, Batavia, New York.  He was a shoe salesman, newspaper editor, and hardware store manager who became a Methodist minister in 1886.  Later he pastored of the West Bethany Free Will Baptist Church.  His works include:  “Faith Is the Victory” (1891) “The Harbor Bell,” “ The Model Church,” as well as “The Old Book Stands” (above).  Yates was born 11/21/1837 in the same town and state in which he passed way.

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