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Which is more important to you?



The Prime? 



The Prim? 



The Promises of God?

– eab, 7/15/11

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The same amount of paper,

The same amount of ink,

Makes a one or a one hundred.

What’s the difference?  What do you think?

Gold, by awesome contrast,

Has value from weight or size,

True value comes forth

Very hard to disguise.

Man makes money,

Religions also man makes.

Its value is what you “think.”

God makes true salvation,

With values beyond the skies.

Gold, like God’s way,

Has value beyond disguise.

 – eab, 9/9/09

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Faith is nothing else than trust in the divine mercy promised in Christ.

– Philipp Melanchthon, (exact source unknown)


In essentials, unity; in differences, liberty; in all things, charity. [1]

– Philipp Melanchthon, (exact source unknown)


Trouble and perplexity drive me to prayer and prayer drives away perplexity and trouble.

– Philipp Melanchthon, (exact source unknown)


Philipp Melanchthon, on this date,9/9/1519, was made a Bachelor of the Bible.  He was also Lecturer on theology – both of these at Wittenberg University.  His paper argument was “On the Supremacy of the Scriptures.”  Melanchthon was born 2/16/1497 at Bretten, Germany and died at Wittenberg 4/19/1560.  Melanchthon is said to be the Hellenized form of Schwarzerd.

[1] Please let me know if this IS NOT Melanchthon’s quote.  Thanks.

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