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You have no control



over being mortal




You have ALL control



over being moral.

– eab, 7/9/11   

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Jerusalem. Jerusalem, Judea or

Some other area of the World.

Where will you serve Christ,  if you will?

Where will you serve the World?

And take salvation’s plan

To every dying man,

Every man, of every tribe, of the World.  

 – eab, Sep. ’98

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The three most important groups who have been pressing this country toward war are the British, the Jewish, and the Roosevelt Administration. 

   – Charles Lindbergh, Speech in Des Moines, 9/11/1941.

(He was prophetic – by 12/7/41 America would be drawn into that war.)


We talk about spreading democracy and freedom all over the world, but they are to us words rather than conditions.  We haven’t even got them here in America, and the farther we get into this war the farther we get away from democracy and freedom. Where is it leading us to, and when will it end? The war might stop this winter, but that is improbable. It may go on for fifty years or more. That also is improbable. The elements are too conflicting and confused to form any accurate judgment of its length.

There may be a series of wars, one after another, going on indefinitely.

   – Charles Lindbergh, Journal entry, 12/11/1941, published in The Wartime Journals.

(Again Lindbergh was prophetic – we’ve war after war since his words.)


“Charles was a stubborn Swede, you know, and he himself never felt the need to explain his feelings about where he stood and about past statements. But I feel free now to elaborate on his actual attitudes. He never wanted to be regarded as a hero or leader, and he never had political ambitions. His prewar isolationist speeches were given in all sincerity for what he thought was the good of the country and the world. … He was accused of being anti-Semetic, but in the 45 years I lived with him I never heard him make a remark against the Jews, not a crack or joke, and neither did any of our children.”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh,  The New York Times (4/20/1980).

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