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Hypocrites can fool Christians,

At least for a few days.

Hypocrites can fool preachers,

With their counterfeiting ways.

Hypocrites can fool themselves

– That  is scariest of all;

For how can you get up,

If you think you did not fall.

     – eab, 10/9/08

(reposted from 09)

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Thank God for men


who GIVE the Word.


But more so, for men


who LIVE the Word. 

– eab, 12/6/09

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When as many takes their vacation
O’er th mounting, lake or the sea
Where they rest from th care an’ their worry
What a wonderful time that must be
But it seems like my lot, to be like them
I must toil thru th heat an’ th cold
Seeking out th lost sheep in the mount’n
Bringing wanders back to th fold

When I take my vacation in Heaven
What a wonderful time that will be
Hear th concert of the Heavenly chorus
An’ th face of my Saviour I’ll see
Sitting down on th bank of th river
Neath th shade of th evergreen tree
When I take my vacation in Heaven
Won’t you spend your vacation with me

2. Some day I will take my vacation
To th city, John tells about
Where th foudation walls, all so precious
From th gladness of heart, I shall shout
No sight ever witnessed by mortal
Can compare with it’s glory up there
Gon’na spend my vacation with Jesus
In th place he’s gone on to prepare

3. So many takes their vacation
An’ return to their home by an’ by
When I take my vacation in Heaven
To th glorious home in th sky
There I’ll live forever
No wish for elsewhere to be
When I take my vacation in Heaven
Won’t you spent your vacation with me

Herbert Buffum died this date, 10/9/1939 at Los Angeles, California.  Buffum felt a call to minister and was credentialed by the Church of the Nazarene.  He combined being a holiness evangelist with prolific song writing, ending with 10,000 songs to his credit – 1,000 published.  He was born 11/13/1879, in Lafayette, Illinois.


Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” claimed he once wrote twelve (12) songs in an hour.  His talent was natural – he had no musical training.  He is said to have sold most of his songs for five dollars (or less).  At his demise the Los Angeles Times called him “The King of Gospel Song Writers.”  


The following are some of his songs, “He Abides,”  “I’m Going Higher Some Day,” “I’m Going Through,” “Get a Smile from Jesus,” “In God’s Calendar of Days,” “In the City Where the Lamb Is the Light,” “Isn’t He Wonderful,” “Let’s Talk About Jesus,” “My Sheep Know My Voice,” “The Old-fashioned Meeting,” “When You’re One Step from God.”

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