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Why do you BELIEVE “A” or “B” or “Z”



Because the world accepts IT? 



Because preachers preach IT? 




Because the Bible teaches IT  


 – eab,  2/2/10

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Like Seed

Every farmer and his wife know

What you plant now is what you grow.

What goes in is what comes out.

Like seed – like plant, without a doubt.

What got planted?  Harvest will show!

  – eab, 10/13/10

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Charles Grandison Finney was converted to Christ on this date, 10/10/1821.  Finney (then 29 years of age was at Adams, New Jersey when this new birth took place.  The next day he received “a mighty baptism of the Holy Ghost” was thus sanctified holy.  Quickly thereafter Charles gave up this law practice, became a minister and stayed one for the next 50 years.  He also taught and wrote.  See his Revival Lectures.

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