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Laughing at yourself



is not only healthy – it’s honest. 


– eab, 10/11/11

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He is the Lamb before Creation’s first bright morn,

Slain (theologically) before born.

Christ is the Lamb of Revelation,

Lamb (more than Lion) in designation,

He’s the Lamb who wore the crown of thorn.

                – eab, 11/4/08

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On this date, 11/5/1414 the Council of Constance brought to trial two Bohemian reformers. One was John Huss (or Jan Hus) was burned at the stake 7/6/1415.  The other was Jerome of Prague (killed 5/30/1416).   This council also anathematized the teachings of the English reformer John Wycliffe.

Hus’ teachings had a strong influence on Europe and influenced none other than the great Martin Luther himself.

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