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Picture worth a 1000 words?


It took WORDS to say that!

– eab, 1975

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Moon – Leaf

A late-fall leaf hung on the near tree;

A “finger-nail” moon hung in the sky.

They caught peripheral vision

This early morn, as I walked by.


One is a charming, distant white globe;

One close remnant of season past.

One has circled earth for long years;

One’s existence we know cannot last.


One gives light to a darkened ole world;

One gave shade in its own (past) “hay day.”

One will flutter some day to earth;

One, we all hope, stays far, far away.


One has a rough man in a moon face,

However, it’s basically all round.

One has rugged pointy edges,

Tenaciously the leaf “hangs around.”


Distant giant traveling the high sky,

Local leaf silhouetted down here,

Were made by our Heavenly Father

In His powerful, yet tender care.    

          – eab, 11/13/09

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Some got a “good bit of mileage” out of 11/11/11. It, of course, was unique. 

Of greater interest (to me, I hope to you) is the previous day 11/10 – 11/10/1483. 

That is the day Martin Luther was born. He was preceded by a few men we

correctly think of as reformers: John Wyclif, Jan Hus (a.k.a. John Huss),

Savarola, Erasmus of Rotterdam, and he was followed by reformers but

~ Luther was a key figure at a key time.  We honor his birth.

~ Germans  have  been  blessed  by  his  German  Bible.

~ Hymnody has been blessed by his “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

~ Christendom’s been blessed by his insight into real Christianity 

~ And the world’s been blessed by a degree of free-enterprise which goes hand in hand with “Liberty in Christ.”


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