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Compromise is a disease.



It is highly contagious



Avoid compromise as you would the Black Plague.


– eab, 12/31/11

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Marriage, though earthly,


should have a higher goal –


helping your spouse get to heaven.

– eab, 12/31/11

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2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.


Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,700 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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John Wyclif

John Wyclif (Wycliffe, or other spellings), died this date12/31/1384.  He was born ca. 1324, nearRichmond, inYorkshire,England.  He became a reformer/theologian who for many years was connected withOxfordfirst as a student then as a University teacher.  Wyclif was opposed theRome’s interfering in English affairs of church and of state.  He felt called upon to voice this opposition.  Wyclif translated the Bible from the Latin Vulgate (said to have had help).  He issued the first complete English Bible (1382).


After his death the Council of Constance (1415) excommunicated him (a lot of good that did).  As if that was not enough some haters of him dug up and burned his bones and dumped his ashes into a river.


However the years have proved Wyclif right and his frenzied opponents wrong.  His pen   had a major influence on a section ofEngland’s (Lollards and others) and on the great Czech scholar John Huss.

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Year coming a-new? 




Christ came to make you a-new! 


– eab, 12/24/11

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Day of Christ’s birth – uncertain – one chance in 365 it

 was today. Month of Christ’s birth – uncertain – one

 chance in 12 it was today.

Christ was born – very certain – no chance taken, it’s in

 the Bible.  And in throngs of Christian hearts. 

– eab, 12/25/08

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The lamb chops were finished, the skillet wiped clean

With bits of our biscuits leftover from lunch.

Each shepherd then had his own apple to munch,

(Zeb’s not a bad cook, if you know what I mean);

His work is cut out though, to feed such a bunch.


Some sat with their feet tucked up next to the fire,

While others stretched out on their backs looking up,

(Though one stood-by mulling the sips of his cup.)

The young shepherd sat by the main one, his sire,

And near them lay sheep dog and her trusted pup.


Another long evening, all quite and nice.

The sheep lay contented out there on the hill,

(Contentment’s it own dear reward to fulfill,)

A glance up showed stars, sky was full – make that twice.

Poor city folk don’t know these moments of still.


Ah – “still” did I say?  What’s this blast that I hear?

You’d think there was wind, but the limbs do not swing.

Noise, yes! Then bright light – “never saw such a thing!”

My eyes were a-blinking; what’s this in my ear?

Some beings are speaking, or do they not sing?


Behold – mere men, shepherds – hear heaven’s high voice.

We understand clearly its message to men,

God’s Son comes to save us from Adam’s old sin.

Our God sends Him down to earth – Sovereign Choice.

We shepherds believed – we’re so happy we’re “in.”


The Son – He’ll be also – a Shepherd “of sorts”?

Did we?  Do we rightly perceive this new thought?

How great; our God comes, Whom we always have sought.

He’s going to be like us, mere shepherds (less warts).

At what a high price is salvation thus bought!


And, would you believe us (for scholars we’re not),

This Son born inBethlehem, somehow’s a LAMB

And part of the God-Head, the ancient “I Am.”

In our way of thinking sheep are their own lot,

But He’ll be both Shepherd, and Sheep.  It’s no scam!


The next times we shepherds had mutton to eat,

We’d think of our night out near Bethlehem-town,

(Oh, glorious night when the angels came down.)

Chops always remained our own favorite meat,

But “LAMB,” to our thinking, is now a new Noun!

                – eab,12/3/11


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P.  E.  A.  C.  E.  (on Earth)











– eab, 8/86

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Prophet and king had gladly told  [1]

And written it with care.

The young had learned it from the old,

Both delighted in the share.


The beggar heard it and believed

In His future, wealthy reign.

Oppressed people were not grieved,

A loving Ruler, they were to gain.


They wanted Christ, That Chosen Race.

Although the Book told the place,

They missed Him.  A sad case!


Pastor and layman with voices bold

And teachers also bear,

The message, “We are cold, too cold

To go with Him, so fair.”


We’ve been chilled and deceived,

By “riches,” in the main.

I’m afraid we’d be relieved

If He didn’t come again.


Relieved, because of our slow pace.

Relieved, we lack His offered grace.

Relieved, not to see Him face to face.

                – eab, Dec. ‘69

[1] Our 5th “Christmas card” – God helped me write it while teaching literature at Hobe Sound Bible College, FL.

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The WHEN of Christ’s birth



is not nearly as important



as the WHY.


– eab, 12/24/11

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