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Are you serious about the Bible?




The Bible is serious about you  

              –  eab, 6/8/10

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Winter.  A season of the year.  Winter is in the familiar months of Dec-March (conclusively) but that is only in the northern hemisphere. If you travel far enough south (S.America, S.Africa, Australia etc), winter is in the June-Sept framework. Winter – a cooler time.  Winter – a time with shorter days and longer nights. But is winter strictly a physical phenomenon?
Winter can have a spiritual side.  It can be a time with the cooler weather to gather the family around a fireplace, a wood stove (even a heater) for a renewal of the much needed Family Altar. Let one or all read. Let one or all pray around.  Let the conversation be open to any family subject (including sex, finances, school schedules, future vacations).  Winter is for the family.
Winter’s spiritual side can/should include additional, personal reading of the Bible.  That cup of cocoa, coffee, tea, etc. can be consumed at the same time that Moses, or Matthew, Paul or Peter talk with you out of their hearts.
Or let the longer nights induce you to retire earlier and then, as the Lord awakens you, to rise and do so night praying.  Night praying (no pressing schedule, no phone or other electronic device) offers a quiet almost impossible to duplicate any other time of the day.

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H How is greatness adequately described or,


R Rather analyzed in objectively tested laws?

O O, words of arts and science both fall short

B Both find limits in culture and kin because,

B Both seek and miss serious spiritual by-laws.


F Four score and fourteen years ago a boy was born

R Redemption was his a few years after that

E Eventually through trial and test, forlorn

N (Necessary to harden – trim fat)

C Christ perfected a mere mortal to be the

H H. Robb French – greatest to thousands and to me.                                                                                                         -eab, Jan ‘85


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