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“Someone” turns 39 this week.  Ms A. Bortion.  No, I am not wishing “her”   

happy birthday.  It’s a sad shame that “she” who has denied millions of American boys and millions of American girls their Birthdays, has “herself” a birthday, a crying shame. Why America, have we allowed this Ms (I dislike using this abbreviation – what does it mean, anyway?) to mess with the God-given right to life?  America has greatly sinned in this area.


Sin (like the fatal disease it is) is highly contagious.  Abortion is wrong, is a disgrace to what used to be a “Christian nation” but sadly there are other horrible sins plaguing our land.  We’ve allowed the “military industrial complex” [1] to kill 1000’s of our men under a pretense of patriotism, we’ve looked the other way as politicians had multiple marriages, as the Bible was cast out of “public” schools, as people have lusted after the same sex, as the Lord’s Day is desecrated by businesses and sports over and over.


In light of the above sins we, as Union Friends, need to ask God for Mercy.  Holiness churches (we need to be more than that in name) need to ask the Lord for Mercy.  Evangelical churches need to ask Him for Mercy. 39 years of government sanctioned abortions is an apt reminder the USA is ripe for God’s judgment – only obedient living and obedient praying can avert it.         


[1] Pres. Eisenhower’s term warning of this in last State of the Union address, 1/17/1961.

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