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Any husband and wife


(no matter how mismatched)


can get to heaven if


they will BOTH align themselves with Christ.

– eab, 1/11/12

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The sun arose from his easterly beds,


(Where others “thought” he’d arisen before)


Thus urging us to leave likewise our own,


Ascended till he was over our heads,                            


And warm’d us up all zone by zone.


                – eab, Feb. ‘06

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Savior! I follow on, guided by Thee,
Seeing not yet the hand that leadeth me;
Hushed be my heart and still, fear I no further ill;
Only to meet Thy will my will shall be.

Riven the rock for me thirst to relieve,
Manna from Heaven falls fresh every eve;
Never a want severe causeth my eye a tear,
But Thou dost whisper near, “Only believe!”

Often to Marah’s brink have I been brought;
Shrinking the cup to drink, help I have sought;
And with the prayer’s ascent, Jesus the branch hath rent—
Quickly relief hath sent, sweetening the draught.

Savior! I long to walk closer with Thee;
Led by Thy guiding hand ever to be;
Constantly near Thy side, quickened and purified,
Living for Him Who died freely for me!

Charles Seymour Robinson died this date, 2/1/1899, NYC.  Educated at Williams College(Williamstown, MA), Union Theological Seminary (NYC), and Princeton (NJ) Theological Seminary, becoming a Presbyterian pastor.  His hymns include “Savior, I Follow On.” Robinson was born 1829, at Bennington, VT.

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