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What is the mystery called time?


Where was its place of birth?


Who invited its peel to chime


O’er everyman and wife of earth?

                – 2/10/05

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Jonathan Goforth was born this date, 2/10/1859, on his father’s farm near Thorndale, Ontario, Canada.  He was number seven in a family of eleven.  Even after missing some schooling because of farm work, he graduated at the head of the class. After Jonathan was converted (18 years of age) he enrolled in Knox College, Toronto. He did personal work while a college student walking as high as 40 miles fromKnox College in this ministry.  Florence Rosalind Bell-Smith, a young lady of some means, was attracted to him and became his bride. China became their destination laboring together for 47 years, pioneering in the dangerous North Honan Province.


I highly recommend Rosalind’s book Goforth of China and his book, By My Spirit.  He died 10/8/1936  back in Ontario.

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When you leave the right way,



all you have left is “left.”

– eab, 3/29/09

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Let God’s LOVE dissolve the “D” words of your life

– eab, 2/8/12  

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The carnal world is Up-side Down:


High opinion of self,


low opinion of everyone else. 

– eab, 1/3012            

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