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The Bible was not written


(nor translated) to please us –


but rather that we please God. 


– eab, 2/16/12

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Disciples let the “Apostle Paul”

Down the outside of city wall.

(Was he the first “basket case”?)

Saving his life, winning the chase,

He hastened on, fulfilling God’s call.

                – eab, 2/20/11

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Wife Michal loved her famous man;

Informed him and away he ran.

She out a window let him down,

So he could escape her dad, the crown.

Soon David wore the crown of the clan.

                 – eab, 2/20/11     

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Rahab’s “business” (carnal delight)

Changed with the spies’ visit that night.

She let them down the city wall,

(Stone-upon-stone, about to fall).

Rahab was walking in HER light.

                – eab, 2/20/11               

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