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How should we understand “sword of My mouth”? 

Come Study Revelation with us. 

TONIGHT.  Join us at 7:00, Union Friends.

– 3/14/12

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When ACTIVE, combat soldiers oppose more undeclared,

NON-CONGRESS approved wars – listen!

Over-paid Politicians are wrong on much,

including continual wars.        


– eab 3/13/12

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Church people are too concerned


about entertainment


Church people are not concerned


enough about inner attainment.


– eab, 11/97

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Go to Church


– don’t start the Week off




- eab, 8/11/92

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No one remembers his moment of earth Birth.


Could it be that we’ll arrive in heaven


without a memory of earth’s death?   

– eab, 2/20/12

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We are ALL helping to build a KINGDOM


the Kingdom of God   or


the kingdom of satan. 

– eab, 2/29/12

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