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Christians have dual citizenship –


one in some nation of this world,

one in the Kingdom of God.


Martyrs were unhesitant in renouncing the one


that they might retain the other.                   


– eab, 1/6/10

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With a mixture of adventure, advantage, and award

(He could not have told the starting place of each,

So lapped over were the three in one accord)

He walked the road that lead up to the beach

                – eab, Apr. ‘01

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Which do we believe? 



Lips that say “I love Jesus”



OR Life that says



“I love the world” 

– eab, 4/26/12

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No book has ever had as many enemies




as the Bible. 




– 3/29/12

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There MAY BE a place to compromise in a corporation.


There IS a place to compromise in marriage.


There is NEVER a place to compromise in God’s holy way.

– eab,  4/13/12

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Adventure, adventure it sparkles, it calls

Mangled old mountains are out there to climb

Sub-ridge meets main ridge ascending past walls

Pulling one upward toward heights of wind chime

Risking the danger, defying death’s falls.

                – eab, Apr. ‘01

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We thrill that Jesus walked on water.

Oh, let us thrill more that He walked on earth

(Thus among & one with us)

And More Yet, that when we’re redeemed,

He walks within OUR clump of earth

– eab, 4/18/12

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2. Good souls saw an empty tomb,

Waited in an upper room,

For the Comforter sent from above.

Like cloven tongues He fell,

Groups of the city then could tell,

The disciples had perfect love.


3. Forces dark are on the prowl

Antichrist may live right now,

Daniel’s vision and John’s are alike.

Jesus has the final word,

Will defeat with His great sword,

The image the Stone soon will strike.

                  – eab, 4/25/05

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Want a brighter tomorrow? –



stop blaming yesterday



for your today’s problems. 


– eab, 1/10/12

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Today is a day to serve God by choice.          

To sing and shout and greatly rejoice,

Because today could be your last day

To serve God on earth.

Today is a day to give God your will.

To seek and to know; His mind to fulfill,

Because today could be your last day

Of this world’s birth.                                           

                – eab, Apr. ’84

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