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Weak evolution (really “evilution”) needs millions of years.


Creation only “needed” one Week


(And that week was not needed by God, but was for human instruction).

– eab, 3/16/12

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Who are “George,” “Kadesh,” or “Gabriel?” You don’t know?  Seriously?  Ask Nicole Enyart.  She might be able to explain the names and how they connect.  My wife called the Westfield Library some weeks ago and they ordered The Prince and the Pirate.  It came in, we took it to Colombia, and after my wife read The Magic Garden (about Amaryllis, by Gene Stratton-Porter) to the Dickinsons the 1st week or so, I read The Prince and the Pirate (about Jewel, by Nicole Enyart).  The Dickinson family enjoyed it and I encourage you to get it from the library or order your own copy. Congratulations Nicole on an interesting plot well written.  It is good.

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Resurrection Morning some are fooled into thinking occurs once a year.  The same souls many times are confused by its inconsistent dates.  The date (sadly) was “set” to suit a religious system and is out of sync with the Passover date.  More importantly, Christians can/should celebrate (word used in correct way) the Resurrection of Christ every Lord’s Day.


Christ could have arranged to Resurrect on the Jewish Sabbath. That would have (in a way) validated Judaism.  He did not come to revive the Jewish religion.  He did not establish a new “religion” – He finished God’s perfect plan of Salvation – by His man-like death, and His God-like Resurrection. 

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 Three crosses silhouetted against the sky,

 A thief dying on one – he didn’t get by.

 A thief is also dying on the third frame;

 His sin was similar, his punishment the same.

 But Who dies on that middle cross,

 What’s He done – that life should be lost?

 Is He a big sinner?  Say, what is His crime?

 He had no sin, friend, till He took yours and mine.

 His death is a redemptive death;

 He replaced, ah, replaces, mortal man.

The Son of God died for sinners –

Have you ever heard of such a plan? 

         – eab, 4/7/07

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Discipleship without Jesus Christ is a way of our own choosing.  It may be the ideal way.  It may even lead to martyrdom but it is devoid of all promise.  Jesus will certainly reject it.  p 64


Only he who believes is obedient and only he who is obedient believes.  p 69


Every man is called separately and must follow alone.  p 105    


Intercession is the most promising way to reach our neighbors.  p 110


When reproached they [the meek] hold their peace…they will not go to law to defend their rights… p 122


– Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship (Chr. Kaiser Verlag Munchen, 1937;  reprint, NY: Macmillan, 1963), 163.


Dietrich Bonhoeffer was hung by the Nazis this date 4/9/1945.  His classic Cost of Discipleship is very much worth reading.  He was born2/4/1906.

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