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A year numbered 2012 (remember, we had to learn to “twist” our tongues around “20_ _” anything after all our lives saying “19_ _”) is 1/3 over.  Did you comprehend that, one third.  Time is that unseen, unheard, unsmelled, untouchable (it can’t been felt & yet is in a sense felt, when we reflect on it), untastable vehicle carrying us forward, constantly forward.  Time has one speed yet, seems to hasten more as more the years stack on our back. Time has no reverse, no brake, and, one might say no steering-wheel.


When one has made peace with His Maker, he can glance through the vehicle window (time) and enjoy the scenery, then resume his duties as a Christian.  For the non-Believer the further time travels the more worrisome the scenery.  The saint’s scenery takes on brighter and brighter tones as he gets near, nearer and nearest his depot. By sad contrast, the sinner’s scenery becomes dark, darker, and darkest as he approaches the “end of the line.”     


Friend, I cannot urge your heart, I cannot urge my heart, too much to make peace with God and maintain peace with Him. Do it now. (“Today?” “Sure – can you imagine a better time than now?”)  We have no choice but to travel time’s “vehicle.”  But we have ALL the choice in the destination to which time carries us. One third of 2012 is past – how is your scenery?

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The battle of the Kingdoms

Is fought every day –

On some bleak mountain

Or odd island far away?

No, it’s fought in the grayish matter

Of your brain

The kingdom of evil

Fights to claim you.

The Kingdom of Christ

Fights to re-claim you.

Your will, your heart,

Your brain’s the battle field,

You, Friend, decide the battle

As you hold or as you yield.

– eab, 5/6/11

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Love is a mighty force



but force is not love. 


– eab, 7/19/09

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