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Only God makes mothers.  He is, of course, in charge of conception.  He is equally in charge of the gestation period.  He provides the labor pains and (with or without medication) He provides the labor to put up with those life-threatening yet, life providing pains. And He is there when a new life is introduced into this world.  So far so good. But “mothering” has just begun! 

Only God makes mothers.  Bearing a child and even birthing one is not the same as being a Mother.  God will be there to help every new mother as she “picks up the tools” of mothering.  He’ll help her see the right thing to do, the right way to think, the right approach to this greatest of all feminine callings.  God will be there to help everyone who calls upon Him and that surely includes the “newly minted mom.”     

Those first giddy minutes of being a mother turn into the first hours.  Those first hours quickly turn into the first days.  “Before she knows it” the baby is weeks old, and then months.  Mothering turns several curves.  New stages require new answers. If it’s the first, there is much to learn. If it’s the second baby there are some things to relearn.  If it’s the third (etc.) there’s the lesson that no two babies, though siblings, are exactly alike.    

All humans on this earth have come through the birth canal except the first two. (Also only two have escaped death).  God even allowed His Son to come to earth via birth.  He made motherhood.  He respects motherhood.  On this day when we remember “Mom,” don’t forget the Institution of Motherhood is God “invented,” God backed, and will be so till eternity.Happy Mother’s Day!  

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Society has gotten serious about the frivolous,


(Grown men make millions at play)


And has gotten frivolous about the serious,


Adultery is a serious word – sin has its pay.

– eab, 5/13/09 

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Divorce denies children



the blessed B-A-L-A-N-C-E



of the Father/MOTHER

– eab, 1/10/12

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