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Some think clearly about Games (& know the rules),


think clearly about Gains (& make $),


but are sadly confused about Godliness.


– eab, 5/29/12  

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“Hide and go seek” is a game children play,

They play it at dusk, the close of the day.

But don’t be childish, “hiding” from your God.

Day is ending; you’ll soon be under sod.

– eab, 5/29/07

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We LEARN to Criticize individuals

we LEARN to Compliment individuals.

The choice is ours. 

Which for you? 

– eab, 5/28/12 

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We often speak of heaven

As a place with streets of gold,

And think that we’re describing it

In an illustration, bold,

Imagining that such a place

Must be fabulous indeed,

If earth’s most precious metal

Is mere pavement – so decreed.

Forgetting that the real wealth,

Which the Lord has up there,

Are the precious transformed lives

Who’ve arrived there from here.

For if one soul is worth more

Than the combined wealth of earth,

Redeemed souls from every race

Make golden streets of small worth.                              

                – eab, 5/28/07

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