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Sinners can become Saints


by Grace.


Saints can become sinners


by Laziness.

– eab, 5/29/12

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The month, too commonly called “june,” has arrived…Friends call it 6th Month, a designation which is 100 percent accurate, even if seen by some as unique. Why have Friends and some other careful souls, chosen to use the correct numerical description rather than a name?      
“June” (juno*) is the name of the goddess of the marriage, supposed wife of Jupiter (Roman mythology).  She is also called “queen of heaven.” If the name’s connections with pagan Rome are not enough to alert us, the title queen of heaven should.  Jeremiah uses this title five times (7.18- 44.25).
(The next months are named for Roman, i.e. pagan, emporers Julius Caesar to deify and immortalize his name and August named after Augustus Caesar a synonym for adjective “august” is “venerable.” The last four months have numeric designations: September – from word meaning “seven,” October from octo, meaning “eight,” November from word meaning “ninth,” and December from Latin’s “ten,” these being originally months 7-10.)
January is named for Janus, Roman god of portals, shown with two faces, looking forward, looking backward.  February (last month of the Roman calendar) on 15th day was a pagan festival of purification called Februa. March sadly is named for Mars, the Roman god of war, also guardian of the state. April is a sacred Roman month for the goddess Venus associated with Greek Aphrodite, a fertility goddess.  May is from Maia a Roman goddess of earth, supposedly a wife of Vulcan, mother of Mercury by Jupiter.
            (Perhaps another time we’ll cover the pagan names for the week days.)
 Numbers do make sense. Let’s be grateful for the 6th Month God has given.

 * Personally I’ve not wanted the free email Juno becouse of its pagan name.

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Watch what you dream


you may awaken to find it


a REAL nightmare.   

– eab, 4/27/12

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