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God is NOT too busy to meet



– – – if you’re not. 


– eab, 5/29/12               

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There is nothing quite like a Lord’s Day morning.  The old week has passed into oblivion, the new week is “fresh of the gridle.”  The OT souls had to wait for the 7th Day (not their 7th Day but God’s – man’s first full day on earth was a day of rest).  We NT (New Testament) folks are privileged to enjoy the Day of Rest as it starts the week. Amen.


There is nothing quite like an early June morning.  Technically spring is still here.  Summer is yet a few days away.  Even a rainy June morning is good – a sunny one can be glorious – a day to remember.


Today we combine the greatness of the Lord’s Day and the goodness of a June day in one special morning.  And we get to share this day inside the walls of a house of worship.  Welcome to a Morning together.

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