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Explanation – my postings on fb and Separateholy.wordpress.com are marked with “eab” & a date (if known). The “eab” means it’s a thought God has given or allowed me to have. If you like them, “Give God the Glory” (from Jimmy Willis, original “Kingfish” of Amos & Andy, who was converted to Christ) and hit like ;). If you don’t like the “eab,” blame Bryan but at least you know, to my remembrance, they’re not plagiarized. These have come all hours of day & night. I try to have pen & pad available and would encourage you to do the same with YOUR random thoughts. – eab  

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Sin is not what displeases you –


that could be preference or culture.


Sin is what displeases God


– – – and


His Book calls it sin.

– eab, 6/21/12

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There once was a brave shepherd lad,

Smooth stones and sling all he had,

David did his right part,

God added to his “art,”

Goliath died.  His friends were sad.

(1Sa 17.51)

– eab, 3/3/05

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