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The interior is NOT inferior.


The inside “you”


is the YOU that really counts.

– eab, 12/7/09

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(Olympics included – with all its hype)


are part of satan’s plan to keep you


from thinking about eternity –



the greatest “world contest”



is for YOUR soul. 

– eab, 7/27/12

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If God allowed satan a choice,


to serve or not to serve Him,


surely, surely He will and DOES


allow humans a choice.


– eab,  3/88

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become more important to you



– eab, 12/4/06

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You are not being overly bold,

If you’re doing as Divinely told,

Follow, follow the Lord’s forming fold.

Leave the world – you know it’s growing cold.

The Bible plan is worth more than gold.

Renew your love – don’t put it “on hold.”

Buy truth – let it not by you be sold.

Yearn to be molded into Christ’s mold.

 – eab, 7/27/10 

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A counterfeit dollar



is not nearly as serious



as a counterfeit preacher.


– eab, 8/26/10

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There was a lad from “Shepherd’sville”

Who would be king – it was God’s will.

David was on duty there,

In spite of lion and of bear.

Doing one’s duty God honors still.

– eab, 7/4/06

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It’s a sad day


when we start measuring our worth


by the price of our “designer” coffee. 



– eab, 7/25/12

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Jesus Christ can straighten UP

your  “?


into an  “!




– eab,  7/25/12

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He had had his fill of fine food,

Dressed in purple, when in the mood.

But death came, dread unwanted “quest.”

Carried him low, low as the rest,

Where even water can’t be wooed.

 – eab, 7/4/06

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