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Welcome to the meeting this Lord’s Day.  If you could sing any song you wanted to sing this AM what would we sing?  Please feel free to speak to Bro. Stephen about a preferred song for a future service: Lord’s Day or midweek.  He will not need to feel bound by your request but will at least know and your number may send his mind in a fresh direction from which we all will benefit and God will be glorified. 


If you could hear any special song you desired what would that be.  Please feel free to look at the song list & speak to one of them about your request. They should not be confined to “your” song but they could appreciate it (Sometimes choosing the right song is harder than actually singing it.)


If you were the Worship leader who would YOU ask to pray (opening, over offering, closing, etc.)?  Bro. James may (or may not) call on them but again your request to hear “So-n-So” prayer may move his mind a new direction to the benefit of us all.  (Please come to service “prayed-up” so, should you be called on, you’re ready to help us into God’s presence.)


And is there a line of truth upon which you would like the pastor to preach/teach?  This could be either one sermon or a mini-series.  I try to find the mind of the Lord for each service and I thank Him for any (and all) of His help.  I attempt to preach from both of the Testaments and to not “ride a hobby.”  Having said that, I would pray about suggested “themes.” I do not fit in the highest bracket of preachers. But even the best men may fail to address a topic(s) which his hearers want (need) to hear.

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You CANNOT have a sweet relationship


With God


and a sour attitude


toward your wife/husband.

– eab, 6/27/12

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Jesus never called her “mother.”

Was He rude, or did not other

Reason direct the words He said?

Wrong terms could have easily lead

To some pagan error or ‘nother.

– eab, 7/4/06

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