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What is your understanding about the eternal abode of saints?  Is your view Biblical?  Some time ago a boy supposedly died, went to heaven, and returned to tell about it. His story has been printed.  A former student recommended his story to me.  I had already read a report on the boy’s account which indicated there were occult parallels. This boy’s telling (or anyone’s telling) about heaven must line up with the Bible. If popular stories (or unpopular ones), if new accounts (or older ones) do not line up perfectly with what God’s Word clearly teaches please, please reject them. (If satan can deceive us about heaven: who goes there, what it is like, where it is, when we go there, & why ones goes, what more does he want?)


And the eternal abode of sinners?  If satan can convince you there is not hell or the eventual “lake of fire”(Rev 19.20, 20.10, 20.14, 20.15) and keep you convinced, you will end up there.  If satan can allure you to believe in the fictional “purgatory” and you warp your mind to the idea you can suffer a thousand years and then be allowed to leave, you will end in hell.


The descriptions for both destinations for Eternity (heaven & hell) must, Must be based on the Bible or they are totally untrustworthy. Totally!

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Christians are not only 


NOT afraid to think.



Thinking is “part & parcel”


with their faith.       


 – eab, 7/14/12

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