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Dear Friends – if you (or a trusted acquaintance) have

use “X,” “Y,” or “Z” company for POD (print on demand)

and for an ebook I would like to hear from you, if you

don’t mind.  Am nearly ready to publish my book 

Acts – Titles, Notes, and Questions (about 300 pages).

Am definitely considering POD and/or ebook but do not

know the company to trust. Love to hear positive report

(and, if you feel free) need to hear negative also. 

THANK YOU!                                       

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In Elementary School days you were assigned


to Mrs. X’s room


while a friend of yours was assigned to Miss Y. 


It was so much nicer in Miss Y’s room but


you were not assigned there 😦


Eternity is coming. 


There will assigned “rooms,”


but NOW you do your OWN assigning


 – – – will it be Heaven or HELL? 

 -eab, 7/18/12

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